Stardoll Make up

Make up one.

Part 1: TO get this look you will need Lovely lashes top left (30 star coins)  X5 , Lovely lashes top right (30 star coins) X5, Lovely lashes bottom left X2 (20 star coins),  Lovely lashes bottom right (20 star coins) X2 and Inky teardrop (20 star coins) X 25-30 you can get all this items in Sunny Bunny. You will also need Shadow eye shawdow ( need to be a ss if your not use any other black eye Shadow 5 stardollers), you will also need any white eye shawdow, any black eyeliner, white eyeliner and mascara you can get this items in DOT.

part 2:  Place your Inky teardrop around the eye make sure you leave some space for your white eye shawdow    

Then apply your black eyeshadow and your white eyeshadow to your doll like this

then add your black and white eyeliner

Then add your lashes to your doll

you can also add blusher and lip stick or lip glosses to your doll